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the life story of a yankees fanatic

14 April 1989
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The name is: KEVIN.
My birthday is on April 14th, 1989.
18 years old, single as single can be. I reside in CT.
Catholic Italian. Senior at a small catholic high school.
Obsessed with the Yankees. I hate the Red Sox with a passion!
Suppoter of Bush/Cheney 04!
Hopefully will be teaching high school English, then become a professor in college in the future.
I love listening to music.
I have a lot of favorite shows -- Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Full House, Will & Grace, American Idol, Laguna Beach, & Real World.
My friends are the best and I couldnt have asked for anyone better.
My family means the world to me and I dont know what I would do without them.

Girls, sports, Yankees, chocolate, the beach, vacations, fireworks, carnivals, game shows, italian food, snow days, ice cream, Italy, baseball, weekends, snow, April, spring, summer, wiffle ball, Christmas, Myspace, LiveJournal, ♪ music ♪, TV, AiM, Birthdays & Holidays.

Red Sox, rain, mondays, school, dogs, essays, midterm/final exams, pimples, anime, goths, assholes, sluts, stuck up people, conceited people, being sick, bees, mosquito bites, hospitals, nursing homes, liars, math, hoes, tests, homework, detention, bad teachers, nursing homes, funerals, death, wakes, SATs, two-faced people & graphic stealers.


Comment on my Friends Only Entry. I add everyone becuase I love meeting new people and making new friends. Comment on my entries once in a while and thats all i ask for. I know we all have our own personal lives which dont revolve around LJ, so you DO NOT have to comment every time I update. Thats it, bye!

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