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locked; tuesday & myspace talk tmo. HAHA

Today wasnt tooo bad. school sucked, but what is new? school sucks everyday but today it was so nice out that I just wanted to leave school & go outside to chill. even though I didnt go outside until like 6 but whatever. My classes werent too bad though.

English-went over some story & started another short story. Mrs. Miller is out because she is recovering from Gall-bladder surgery so we have a sub. I like her, when some people say they hate her. she likes me so thats all that matters. :)
Spanish-did some work in the book, I didnt know we were handing it in since I had to rush & bullshit it when she was coming around to collect it.
History-took notes about WWII & D-Day. were watching "Saving Private Ryan" tomorrow too. :) Mr. Cipriano yelled at John for sleeping & Anthony for not paying attention & he never usually yells. he is scary when he does too. haha
Study Hall-went on the computer, talked w/ Sara & listened to my iPod.
Chem-went over some sheet which I dont get what were doing & we have a chapter test on friday. fuck! plus, I failed the last test so I need to pass this one. fuck fuck fuck fuck! =0
Math-we got our tests back that we took from before Spring Break & I did really really bad. a 2.5 out of 21 points. FUCCCCKKKKK MEEEE! but whatever, when 75% of the class fails that is a problem, for the teacher not us. he sucks at teaching, I hate him w/ a passion and so does everyone else. :) so he can go kiss my ass. fuck him.
Religion-we had a sub, & did some work from the book. this kid Dave was talking to Leanna & Sara and since they sit behind me I heard what they were talking about & me and my friend Johnna just sit there and laugh at what he says because its so preverted and gross. we call it "our entertainment for the day" LMFAO. he is so mean too to my friend Sara. wow.
-then I came home, chilled, blew my spanish HW off. fuck that. & I went to my friends house before for a little to chill. we watched some of the yankees game & hung out.

tomorrow this FBI Agent is coming to our school to talk to us about myspace. I guess it is this serious where they have to come to our school & tell us what to do. my school saw some people's myspaces & I guess told some people to delete ones they made about teachers. those ones are stupid and whoever made them are assholes. they werent even funny. losers. this should be interesting though. basically everyone in the Junior class has a myspace & its not like the school and MAKE US delete them. we do that shit at home so they dont have a right to tell us what to do. =) =D but at least this assembly gets me out of spanish. PRAISE THE LORD, NO SPANISH OR BARAZZA TOMORROW! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

so that was my day. I hope everyone had a great Tuesday.
& I just added some new people, and I cant wait to get to know you all more.
Comment up everyone. thanks a lot. Peace. :)

PS: do that survey for me in my last entry please. thanks again.
Shit, Real World is on, BYE! :=)
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